I have come across a number of different types and kinds of co-employees throughout my not-so-long career so far and I’ve seen this common mindset across most of them. The mindset of limited vision pertaining to their job roles and in a broader sense, their place in their respective industries.

Most people know the “What” and “How” of their jobs, but very few are also aware of the “Why” of their jobs.

Knowing the Why of your job is far more important than a traditional mind-numbing 9-5 thinking. What is the Why of the job and how do you figure it out? Simply put, it’s about having the sense of purpose at work. Of being in touch with what gives you the meaning of your life. It’s more than just having long-term goals rather than short-term objectives, it’s a whole new and different way of thinking of yourself on a global scale. Employees who want to lead should be able to change the way they approach the way they make their living.

No matter what industry or what functional area of the job sector you’re in, every once in a while, step back a little and re-think why you’re here, where you could go from here and what can you do for the greater good of the people around you. Having a sense of giving back to the society, to the industry, to the economy, to the humanity, is of paramount importance. It’s not just about earning for yourself and securing the future of yours and of the people you care about, it’s about doing your work in a way that reflects your vision as a contributor in this global ecosystem of working class. It’s about serving the humankind and the deity and/or luck that gives you that opportunity. It’s about empowering and enabling the coworkers around you, right from that person who brings you a cup of tea and sweeps the floors of your office, to every person sitting on every floor of your office, to the people you have never even met or will potentially be meeting in future. The real question that you should be able to ask as well as answer for yourself is, what is it that you can do, that is unmatched, that is impactful.

I’m in the industry of Tech, my area is developing and improving software that makes a difference in the lives of people by simplifying their business processes, and though I work as a Lead Developer at a New Jersey-based RPA and AI firm – Accelirate, I’m more excited and moved by the far-reaching implications that could potentially arise of my work throughout the on-going history of Digital Transformation across the whole IT ecosystem. For me, it’s not just about delivering that scrum task you have at hand, it’s about doing your work in a way that leaves your positive impact on every aspect in and around of it.

Recently I came across this podcast Finding Mastery, and I really liked one of the statements made by the current CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella, while talking as a guest on a recent episode. In a response to the question, “What is the mastery in work?”, he added:

“One of the things that I say a lot is, ‘What if you took what you do at Microsoft and flipped it? Hey, I don’t work at Microsoft, Microsoft works for me.’ And that is because you are a someone who has a particular passion, a particular personal philosophy, and you are able to, in fact, turn what is considered work into an instrument of you realizing the deeper meaning in pursuing your personal philosophy, or passion.”

Success comes from standing out, not fitting in. You should be able to break the boundaries of your job description and actually create opportunities for your company. You should be willing to go the extra mile and raise the standards of those around you. Raise the standards of the company you work for. Raise the standards of the customers you get in touch with. As a result, raise the standards of the humanity, which in turn, enables you to keep in touch with your actual purpose of making a living. Trust me, with this approach for your career, you’ll be on a journey of continuous renewal in your thoughts, your vision, your work and your future. Because when you change the way you see the world, you can change the world you see!

And, as always, thanks for reading.